An innovative company


The choice of the name of the “RISO KAGAKU” group is no accident. In Japanese, “RISO” means “Ideal” and “KAGAKU” means “Technology”. Our Research & Development team pursues this technological ideal every day. With our approach centred on expert knowledge of all the steps in the production process of our machines, we are committed to offering you the best service.

Today, it is not enough just to have a “good product”. It is essential to take all the surrounding factors into consideration. With a firm belief that we need to do much more than merely create high quality products, we regularly review our customers’ needs and look at future trends. Our printing solutions are built on truly innovative ideas.


Our technological approach differs from that of other players on the market and helps us bring you printing systems (full colour printers, digital duplicators) that stand out by their superior performance. Our capacity to innovate is our greatest asset to ensure we retain our position as a leader.

Being at the cutting edge of technology requires a capacity for constant innovation. We have therefore designed a completely novel print engine, based on a full colour inkjet printing system. This technology, called FORCEJET, is incorporated in our new ComColor X-Jet range, and has enabled us to create the fastest full colour printer in the world, with an unbeatable TCO.

Our latest innovations in high-speed printing ensure you have ultra-efficient machines to provide maximum productivity. Designed to bring your documents to life with "no frills" functions and optimum performance levels, our solutions give you new opportunities for your communication material


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