User management

You can create access codes to control the use of your ComColor FW machine. You can also find out the number of copies and prints made using your counter analysis. These two functions are available by default on your machine.

To go further and get even easier access control on your digital printer, RISO can provide you an additional user management solution.

Card reader

RISO multifunction printers are designed to reduce costs and improve productivity in organisations. However, it is difficult to allocate a print budget to different departments within an organisation.

Using the RISO card reader Compatible with ComColor X-Jet and ComColor FW printers (in option) you can control access to your ComColor inkjet printer with complete peace of mind. It is very simple to assign specific access rights to each member of staff. With RISO’s card reader you can control access to your colour printer and you can also reduce ink and paper waste.

Convenient, cost-effective and environmentally-friendly, this is another RISO solution that helps you make the right choice.