A sustainable solution

When you opt for a ComColor digital printer, you are choosing environmental responsibility. With its cold printing technology, RISO has taken environmental concerns into account in the development of its printing equipment.

Save energy

• In active mode, your ComColor FW5230 printer consumes very little energy: your energy bill is 70% less than with traditional printers.

• In standby mode, your ComColor colour printer consumes less power than conventional copiers and printers. You can also set the time after which the touch screen switches to standby mode. Your machine remains ready for immediate use, but its power consumption is reduced.

• Your printer consumes no more than 150 W when the machine is ready, 4 W when it is in standby mode and 0.5 W in sleep mode!

Combine speed and power saving

With the exceptional print speed of your ComColor colour printer, you can print in record time, which minimises the operating time of your equipment. The high performance of your ComColor machine helps reduce its power consumption.

Avoid wasting paper

 The "Print & pause" or "Copy & pause" function allows you to check your first prints to examine the finish of the document. You can then decide whether to continue or stop the task. If you are not happy with the print, you save paper.

• You will appreciate the "duplex" feature of your colour printer. Two pages are printed but only one sheet is used. To go even further, you can also use the “multi-up” function, which enables you to print several items on a single page.

• When you use the "Skip blank pages" function, your printer skips any blank pages in your document, so you save paper and protect the environment.

Limit ambient air pollution

Your ComColor printer creates a healthy work environment as it does not cause any pollution. This is a decisive advantage in comparison with laser photocopiers and printers, which emit ozone as they use technologies which produce heat. What is more, ComColor printer technology uses a cold printing process which uses very little power and emits much less CO² than conventional copiers and printers.

For more information about our environmental commitments, please read the "Sustainable Development".