A unique technology

FORCEJETâ„¢ technology is found exclusively in the RISO's inkjet product line.

RISO built its inkjet technology on the proven track record of the duplicator chassis, but instead of individual ink cylinders printing static information, RISO used heavy-duty inkjet print heads capable of creating full-colour variable images.

RISO technology drives high-speed large-volume printers to new heights

In-line inkjet print heads

Four wide in-line inkjet heads arranged in parallel allow very speedy full-colour printing of A3/ledger-size paper at a single pass. Eight-step control per ink drop per colour dot assures excellent results with fine tonal gradations.

Special fast-drying ink

To suit the ultra high-speed duplex printing capabilities of the ComColor, RISO developed special fast-drying, fade-resistant, water-resistant oil-based inks that prevent set-off and paper curl.

Stable paper feeds

A reliable paper-feeding mechanism paves the way for high-speed printing with minimal print offset. Paper-feeding speed is intelligently controlled according to how much ink sprays from the print head. Also, multiple sensors help to keep paper jams and other problems to a minimum.

A cold printing process

RISO technology, unlike traditional toner printing, works on a cold printing process, which offers you many advantages:

  • Speed: ultra fast printing up to 120 ppm with a ComColor FW5230
  • Compact and easy to use: no drum, toner or high temperature fusing process
  • Incredibly reliable
  • Capable of 500 000 prints per month
  • Environmental class leader: low energy consumption and no harmful emissions
  • Workgroup office printer/copier or a high-volume production printer
  • Up to A3 + (340mm x 550mm) image area
  • Able to feed and print envelopes
  • Finishing options with 2/4 hole-punching, stapling and envelope printing
  • Enhanced functionality including print from USB and Barcode Area Definition
  • A simple paper path reducing paper jams
  • A "Low" Sleep Mode of 4W or less and a Power On/Off Schedule