Managed usage

Engineered for easy use

Colour LCD touch screen

The large 8.5-inch LCD touch screen puts all operations at your fingertips. The various screens are logically arranged for step-through, no-miss operation, and you can even put shortcuts to your most frequently-used commands on the top screen to speed up the entire printing process.

Interrupt copies

If you have a rush job but the printer is in the middle of a long print run, you can use the interrupt copies function to stop printing, run off your urgent job, and then resume printing of your original document.

Simple daily maintenance

Easy Replenishing of Paper/Changing Ink Cartridges

Handles on the paper feed trays are designed so that they can be opened either over-handed or under-handed when replenishing paper supplies. Additionally, ink cartridges can be removed one colour at a time for easier cartridge replenishment.

Color Touch Panel Guidance

If a paper jam occurs in the printer, finisher or auto-feeder, printing will stop and the location of the jam and appropriate method of removal will be displayed on the touch panel. Paper jams can be smoothly fixed by following the on-screen guidance.