ComColor FW5000

Your colour prints at lower costs, with high performance too

Up to 90 pages par minute, black & white or full colour.
A4 print format
 Optional colour scanner / 3 paper trays


The right choice for you is to be able to communicate in colour without jeopardizing your budget, while maximising your efficiency.

Copy and print in colour at lower cost

For those of you who want to be able to use colour every day, RISO has developed an ultra-efficient solution at a very attractive price:

  • With colour you can enhance the readability of your documents and develop communication with greater impact, while keeping your budget under control.
  • You can easily print, copy and scan With the optional colour scanner your documents. You can work in black & white or in full-colour, just as you wish.
  • You can do all your work with a single machine, as your ComColor FW5000 can process all types of materials Maximum print format: 210 x 544 mm: administrative documents, flyers, mailshots, teaching materials, envelopes, etc.
  • Your costs are controlled even better, as you also reduce your energy bill with a printer that works fast and uses very little electricity.

Combine colour communication and high performance

With colour available at the best price, you can increase your efficiency with a high-performance machine. Increase your advantages (and profits)!

    You can work faster, with an output speed of 90 ppm Continuous A4 simplex printing in standard mode. You will not waste a second as your ComColor FW5000 is a unique machine that does not slow down when you print in colour or duplex. You will need just over 2 minutes to print your 200-page colour document on both sides!

    ComColor FW printers are ultra-compact, high-performance machines that fit perfectly into your work environment. They will be adopted very quickly by your teams because they are so easy to use, which makes them easily accessible to all categories of users.

    Your peace of mind is guaranteed by the proven reliability of RISO equipment and by FORCEJET technology built on RISO's expertise in high-speed high-volume printing. So you can copy or print as necessary, regardless of the print volume.