ComColor FW5230

All your black & white and full colour print jobs, with total autonomy

Up to 120 pages per minute, black & white or full colour 
Print format up to A3+ Optional finisher and scanner / 3 paper trays

Complete your jobs with total autonomy

The right choice for you is to be able to copy, print, scan all types of documents, in black & white or full colour, with total autonomy.

Just let your printer do all the work!

For those of you who have to manage a multitude of different documents, RISO has developed an ultra-versatile solution. You now have one machine that can do everything!

  • You can copy With the optional colour scanner, print and even scan With the optional colour scanner your documents.
  • Your printer handles all types of materials: administrative documents, flyers, mailshots, newspapers, teaching materials, manuals, small posters, envelopes, etc. With the optional finisher
  • There are numerous functions for easy sorting, stapling and punching holes. You can work in black & white or in full colour, just as you wish.
  • With colour, give free rein to your creativity and develop communication with greater impact!

Increase your efficiency with the high performance of your printer

Having a printer that can do everything is good, but for you to be truly efficient, it’s even better if your printer is also extremely fast and completely reliable!

    You can work faster, with an output speed of 120 ppm Continuous A4 long-edge feed simplex printing in standard mode. A 1000-page document is printed in just over 8 minutes! The unique technology of your ComColor FW5230 enables you to print just as fast in black & white as in full colour, for both duplex and simplex.

    Using the different feed trays (2,000 sheets in total Using 64 gsm paper) and stacking trays you can save time by printing continuously. The printer switches over to the second tray automatically when the first is full.

    You have guaranteed peace of mind with the proven reliability of RISO equipment and the FORCEJET technology developed based on RISO's expertise in high-speed high-volume printing.

    With RISO's ComColor technology, your document output time is extremely competitive, even when you are printing small runs.

Manage your medium and high volume printing with complete autonomy

Designed to handle demanding jobs and medium and high-volume printing, your ComColor FW5230 printer adjusts to your workload.

Its versatility and ease of use gives you greater autonomy on a day-to-day basis. You can rely on it totally!

Certified as high reliable product by BLI

Buyers Laboratory LLC has certified the ComColor FW5230 for its high reliability.

[ Result : 99,999 % reliability  ] 

The RISO professional printer was tested in BLI's environmentally controlled lab, which replicates typical office conditions. Products are tested 50 days, a portion of which consists of a durability test, with varying daily test volumes designed to replicate real-world use over an eight-hour workday.