Wrapping Envelope Finisher

Your Wrapping Envelope Finisher

Up to 2,200 pieces of mail per hour, in black & white or full colour With a ComColor 9150 X-Jet, A4 simplex
A4 paper format/C5 and DL envelope formats


With your RISO Wrapping Envelope Finisher you can manage 3 operations in-line. Your machine takes care of printing, folding and inserting your mail. You can complete on-demand tasks and enjoy ultra-competitive mail creation costs.

Simplify the printing and processing of your mail

Comprising an envelope inserter and a ComColor X-jet multifunction printer, your solution can produce up to 2,200 pieces of mail in one hour With a ComColor 9150 X-Jet, A4 simplex. You can incorporate and streamline the various steps in the production of your documents, from creation to mailing.

Process your variable data printing with peace of mind With an optional ComColor Express

Your machine uses an automated envelope insertion system for sending personalised mail. You can manage your variable data prints, for communication with greater impact.

An external ComColor Express Optional connection will enable you to print direct from variable data typesetting and management software. This highly flexible function is infinitely adaptable: variables to suit all types of jobs can be incorporated.

Guarantee the confidentiality of your mail

RISO’s in-line printing system protects you from envelope insertion errors that could occur in a non-automated workflow. The confidentiality of your letters is guaranteed.

Carry out on-demand jobs, even at the last minute

The versatility and speed of your machine are real advantages. You can carry out on-demand jobs for a tailor-made result, thus eliminating the high storage costs of pre-printed envelopes.