RISO’s connection options make it easy to connect your duplicator to your PC or to your internal network, giving you better control over your equipment and increasing productivity.


By adding the RISO printer interface, you can further enhance the use of your RISO duplicator with direct transfer of files from your PC. You will have improved productivity (with a machine better integrated in your environment) and optimised print quality for all your documents.


Installing the network interface is one of the most common upgrades for RISO printers. With this simple upgrade, RISO duplicators can be connected directly to your organisation's network. Every member of your team will have the benefit of their high speed, low costs and reliability.

The network interface increases the versatility of your printing equipment, which is already highly flexible. So all your staff can reduce costs and save time with every print job.


PostScript is a page description language created by Adobe. With the IS300C RIP you can convert postscript pages to bitmap images suitable for your printer. This enables you to print documents created using software such as PhotoshopTM, InDesignTM, etc.