Drums and inks

Today, colour is essential for producing high-impact documents. With RISO’s drums and quick-drying inks, you can use the full colour potential of your duplicator. Find the shades you need, and start using colour now!


Simply add a second drum to enter the world of colour. All your RISO duplicators (except the KS model in non-EU markets) are equipped with interchangeable drums so that you can incorporate additional colours in your documents.

From notepads with headers to inserting logos in your presentations, colour printing can significantly enhance the appearance and impact of your documents. The process is so simple you will wonder why you haven’t used it before.


RISO offers you 19 standard colours and 50 semi-standard colours to boost your communication. We can also create custom colours if you need a colour specific to your environment. So you have an unlimited choice of colours and everything you need for successful colour printing!