Paper management

Need to print high-volume documents without wasting time? Do you want your prints to be sorted, collated, stapled, etc. straight away? RISO brings your accessories specially designed for your paper management.

Envelope feeder

The RISO DigiFeed envelope feeder adds new functions to your duplicator, enabling uninterrupted printing of machinable DL envelopes. The accessory has a 500-envelope capacity and can be refilled without interrupting the current print run, a real advantage for continuous printing.


If you frequently make copies of documents on your RISO duplicator, an automatic document feeder (ADF) can further improve your productivity. Instead of waiting to load the sheets one at a time, a RISO ADF automatically loads up to 50 pages with a print speed of up to 130 ppm, freeing up your time to get on with other work.

With the print speed and capacity of RISO duplicators you can print huge numbers of documents. In fact, a RISO machine can produce more than 10,000 pages in 1 hour.

The job separator separates each group of documents by marking it with an identification strip, so it is easy for your staff to select the completed jobs. This unit is particularly useful when the machine is connected to a network.


With the incredible reliability and very high speed of a RISO digital printer, you will want to integrate it in all your company’s activities. The range of finishing equipment offered by RISO helps you streamline all the post-production steps.

We have worked with specialist manufacturers in various European countries to develop the best post-production finishing system and the widest range of options for your RISO printer.

Our options include collators, sorters, staplers and many other solutions designed to make your work easier and improve post-production on the RISO machines in your organisation. As the range varies from one country to another, please contact your local supplier direct to find out more.