A reliable technology


The technology used by RISO duplicators (also called “Risographs”) is characterised by its high reliability. Comprising one or more drums and a master, our machines enable you to print or copy series of identical documents.

To create an image, your duplicator receives the data sent via a PC or from a paper original. A master is created by scanning your data. When the master wraps around the drum of your RISO duplicator, it is perforated so that ink is only transferred onto the required areas.


Not only is your duplicator simple to operate, it is also intuitive to use. For example, your machine’s drum can be changed at any time in just a few seconds. You can thus choose to use a different colour for printing your documents. Moreover, as the ink for RISO duplicators is a paste rather than a liquid, you will not get dirty when changing the drum.

With five times fewer parts than in a copier and using a heatless technology, RISO duplicators offer you reliability, ease of use and comfort. You can copy and print at a high speed on different types of materials and paper weights.