RISO’s determination to incorporate alternative energies in the operation of its printing machines dates back to 2007. During this period power capacity issues led to recurrent power failures in South Africa. To avoid loss of productivity, RISO devised solutions tailored to Africa's issues. Even South Africa, which has one of the highest rates of access to electricity in Africa, still has more than 3,500 schools with no access to the national grid. So RISO developed RISOLAR, an innovative printing system powered by solar energy.

Primarily designed for the education sector in Africa, RISOLAR has a maximum consumption of just 110 W and an output of up to 90 pages per minute.

This solar plant was tested for the first time in South Africa. For example, it was set up in a school in Kommetjie which has no access to electricity. This school adopted the RISOLAR system very quickly and it was very successful.

After several trials to prove the efficiency of the system, this novel solution is now also used in other countries. Following on from RISOLAR, its first solar-powered printer, RISO is now studying the use of solar solutions for its entire product range.


  • Print speed: up to 90 ppm
  • Paper format : A4
  • Scanning and printing image resolution: 300 dpi x 300 dpi
  • Print paper weight: 50 gsm - 128 gsm
  • RISO iQuality SystemTM