More peace of mind


Everyone is hard-pressed for time these days, and we understand this. Providing a quick response while producing high quality documents is a daily challenge.

RISO takes on this challenge with you.

Our latest innovations in high-speed printing ensure you have ultra-efficient machines to provide maximum productivity. Last-minute printing has become possible with RISO. It will only take you 4 minutes to print 600 copies of your document Using 85 gsm paper.


Because peace of mind leads to greater efficiency, we make every effort to ensure your use of our equipment is hassle-free.

Based on a cold printing technology with a reduced number of moving parts and a straight paper path, there are very few operating incidents with our high-reliability machines.

You can manage all your print volumes with complete peace of mind, whether you have 10,000 or 200,000 pages per month!


Copiers and printers must be accessible to everyone in your school, office or company. This is why RISO has designed printing systems that are extremely easy to use day-to-day.

Every machine incorporates the RISO iQuality System for optimum management of your consumption and preventive maintenance of your printing equipment. The RISO iQuality System has many advantages, including:

  • Guaranteed optimum printing quality
  • Elimination of operator errors
  • Warning when ink or masters are running out
  • Reduction of wasted paper

Color Universal Design (CUD) certification ensures that the colours and indicator lights on the control panel of RISO’s printing solutions are suitable for visually impaired people.