What is a RISO duplicator?

RISO technology is based around a simple and reliable process. It provides printed matter at a much higher speed than most other commercially available systems.

A RISO duplicator first scans the document to be printed, and then digitally reproduces it on a master sheet. This sheet is then wrapped around an ink drum, which turns at high speed whilst paper passes underneath.

By using a drum, a RISO duplicator is able to print at up to 185 copies per minute, even in A3 format, offering a far higher output speed than most conventional office printing technologies.

What is a RISO printer?

Our colour inkjet series have been created using a revolutionary print engine that we term "FORCEJETâ„¢". This development of this unique technology offers high speed, low cost per page, in full colour or black and white, with full print, copy, scan and finishing options. Able to print fully variable data and offering the same speed and cost-effectiveness whether printing just one copy, or 10,000 copies of the same sheet, the RISO inkjet products are today's answer to your printing needs. The FORCEJETâ„¢ technology can be seen in the new ComColor FW and ComColor GD series. 

What are the benefits of RISO inkjet printers over other technologies?

Extremely low cost per page (especially for colour printing) with a high speed and very reliable performance. These benefits are achieved using ink in a cold printing process which requires no heat or fusing of the image. The low power requirements and lack of emissions associated with toner based copiers make printing using the ComColor printers a much "greener" process.

How can I arrange to see a RISO solution?

The RISO direct sales team and our network of dedicated distributors are always available to answer your needs and show you exactly how a RISO solution can solve your production needs. Just visit our "Contact" page on this website to find details of your nearest retail outlet or to speak to one of the RISO direct team.