Concept and features

RISO’s ComColor GD Perfect Binder is a 3-in-1 system that prints, finishes and binds (perfect binding) all your work. It combines technology and versatility. RISO's binder is connected in-line with a ComColor GD printing system. You can use the two technologies together or separately, for more professional results.

High-Production Speed

When compared to a traditional colour printer / binding machine / cutting machine workflow, the Perfect Binder linked with a ComColor GD9630 can dramatically reduce operator intervention and production times. This unique configuration can produce from white paper sixty-two 100-page A4 sized books, printed and bound, in just 62 minutes.

Simple & Intuitive Operation

The supplied RISO Perfect Binder Software is compatible with Adobe PDF as well as standard Microsoft Office file formats. This intuitive software simplifies cover design, including spine printing and print preview functions, enabling complete pre-print editing to reduce errors and maximise efficiency.


The Perfect Binder offers securely bound printed pages by means of a high-pressure gluing process. RISO registration technology assures pages are in order and aligned when they reach this critical point. Use of a Glue Roll helps reduce overall power consumption and a reduction in waste compare to traditional hot glue pots methods.

Automated Sizing and Trimming

Each book cover is automatically and individually trimmed to size according to book thickness for a professional wrap around finish. The Perfect Binder easily accommodates varying book thicknesses up to 300 sheets (1.5mm to 30mm), and efficiently binds books up to 600 pages.