Using the solution

Three processes

Your RISO solution supports you in all your printing and binding jobs. Your tasks are processed differently depending on your needs. It is simple to switch from automatic use to manual use:

Process 1 - Automatic loading:

For those of you who want to print and bind your documents directly from your PC, RISO's Perfect Binder is equipped with a software program that enables you to control your work digitally.

Just format your documents from your PC. Your ComColor GD Perfect Binder will take care of the rest.



Process 2 - Manual loading:

If you only have pre-printed materials, simply load your body sheets into the ComColor GD and your cover sheet into the binder.

The Perfect Binder binds your documents at a speed unrivalled by competitors. You can produce high quality, perfectly bound documents and avoid having to outsource your work.



Process 3 - Automatic and manual loading:

Your RISO solution is so versatile that you can combine automatic loading of your body pages and manual loading of your cover sheet.

Prepare your digital data, configure the binding and load the printed cover sheet. The ComColor GD Perfect Binder takes care of the printing and binding.



How the solution works

> Printing, collating: the body pages are printed and routed to the binder. They are then placed in the queue and aligned in the jogging module. After printing the body pages, the Perfect Binder calculates the exact size of the cover sheet required to create your professional-looking book.

> Trimming: trimming is carried out based on the calculation of the thickness of the book to be produced. The Perfect Binder only trims the side opposite the spine of the document, which significantly speeds up the process of producing your professional-looking book.

> Gluing: adhesive is applied using a roller, which automatically supplies the required amount of adhesive. Using the perfect binding technique, the Perfect Binder ensures that documents are extremely strong.

> Finishing: a system presses on the spine of the booklet to form neat square edges.

> Output: you can bind up to sixty-two 100-page books in just 1 hour With a ComColor GD9630.