Launched in 2015, the MiniBridge is the result of a partnership between RISO and BÖWE SYSTEC. It allows to easily manage your mail production. This solution is highly appreciated by the professionals who develop a publishing or an individual mail activity.

Ultra-productive RISO ComColor printing

  • FORCEJETTM technology: full colour cutsheet inkjet printing
  • ComColor 9150 X-Jet print engine: optimum productivity, reliability and availability
  • Duplex printing
  • Up to 150 pages per minute
  • Unique eco-friendly cold printing technology
  • Optional high-capacity feeder (4000 sheets)
  • Optional AFP / IPDS printing and environment

Efficient insertion

  • Code reading intelligent collation of documents before insert
  • Up to 4200 envelopes per hour
  • Single fold (C5 envelope) or letter fold (C6/5 envelope)
  • Selective or systematic insertion of enclosures More as an option
  • C4 format as an option at the time of ordering

Secure flows, maximum integrity

  • Automatic feed of printed documents to the insertion system without any manual operation.
  • Enhanced operator station ergonomics.
  • The opaque bridge cover avoids all document visibility and outside interventions, guaranteeing 100% integrity.

Full colour envelope personalisation (option)

  • Automatic envelope feed to the personalisation module.
  • Full colour printing (4 inches high) on the envelopes.
  • Compensation for envelope thickness by automatic movement of the colour printing heads.