Environmental responsibility too


If you are concerned about protecting the environment - and how could you not be - you will believe that any business investment you make should fit in with an environmentally responsible approach. You therefore turn to truly eco-friendly solutions, which appeal to you all the more as they are also cost-effective.

RISO eco-design, combining environmental responsability and savings

RISO has long been committed to sustainable development. RISO’s printing machines are designed and manufactured in line with ethics and processes that are fully compliant with the applicable environmental standards. They are recyclable and use a cold printing process certified by Energy Star, which releases less greenhouse gases than electrophotographic printing processes.

Greater savings

RISO’s cold printing process and its cost-effective inkjet technology mean attractive production costs for you. Moreover, with their high print speeds, RISO machines work very fast. This has a favourable impact on you power consumption, reducing your energy bill.

More eco-friendly

On the environmental front, the amount of CO2 that you release is reduced. Zero ozone emissions mean you can limit ambient air pollution and operate in a healthy working environment, with no air conditioning equipment or extractors.