Higher productivity

Work faster, process high volumes and increase your competitive edge

Everything is moving faster and faster. Your production equipment must be able to process high volumes in the shortest possible time to meet the needs of major customers. This speed must supported by maximum reliability because you have no time to lose and your customers expect you to get it right. For your printing machines, you must therefore prioritise productivity combined with complete reliability.

RISO's ComColor GD series, where output and reliability go hand in hand

RISO's ComColor GD series gives you very high productivity in an astonishingly compact machine. You can print high volumes in record time with nominal speeds of up to 160 colour A4 pages per minute, the highest performance on the market. With the exceptional reliability of RISO production equipment, you can handle high monthly production volumes with complete peace of mind. You can also easily incorporate smaller runs in your workflows. He who can do more can do less!

Key accounts within your reach

With the support of RISO's solutions, you are in a position to handle the management documents of the major operators in the banking, insurance, mobile telephony and insurance sectors.

Being responsive means being competitive

With the productivity of RISO's ComColor GD printers, you can immediately meet the requirements of your customers, who demand maximum responsiveness from you. You can thus increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.