More colour

Do you provide publishing, printing or reprographics services? RISO can provide you with all the solutions you require to boost your current and future development.


New needs are emerging. Nowadays, you need to be able to produce documents with greater impact containing eye-catching messages or images. You must also factor in the constraints of increasingly direct communication, which means a high degree of personalisation of documents sometimes including images. Colour is essential for this.

RISO's ComColor GD series, your colour solution

RISO's printing machines with RISO inkjet technology give you access to colour at an affordable price. You can process more complex documents, create new value-added applications and manage all your variable data as standard. What’s more, an efficient service that is synonymous with satisfaction for your customers and growth for you.

More dynamic documents, and messages with greater impact

Just a little colour is enough to highlight an important piece of information and attract the reader’s attention. Full colour printing can thus significantly increase the response rate to a mailshot or the recall level of a price, discount or due date. Used strategically, spot colour, as against black & white, is a simple and effective means of conveying essential messages and optimising their impact.

New value-added applications

The integration of colour opens up new opportunities: managing customised content with colour or tailor-made content with variable data.

  • This makes it possible for you to change to colour printing of transactional management documents – invoices, contracts, statements of account, statements of assets, etc.
  • It also means you can produce transpromo (combined transactional and promotional) and One to One documents.
  • These new applications increase the reading rate of letters or mailshots and thus reduce the cost of gaining prospective customers (as against a traditional message in black & white).

These are powerful levers for increasing the loyalty of existing customers, and also conquering new markets in the field of personalised, distinctive and targeted communication.