More flexibility


You cannot develop your business without being versatile. You must be capable of managing different types of jobs, depending on requirements – large print numbers, nominal production for small runs, page reprints, etc. – and able to switch from one to the other with ease. Of course, you need optimum efficiency in all cases. Your printers therefore need to give you the flexibility you require to meet all demands with the same impeccable quality and the same speed of response.

RISO's ComColor GD series, flexibility combined with modularity

RISO printing machines are designed to help you carry out various types of jobs with the same degree of efficiency. Their unique, easy-to-use inkjet technology - FORCEJET™ technology - makes them easy to integrate in an office or publishing production environment.

With the various controllers that are available, and the numerous partnerships established by RISO, the solutions support all print formats on the market - PCL, PostScript, IPDS, etc. Moreover, with modular accessories and options, you have the flexibility you need to operate just as easily whatever the production environment.

Your growth with complete peace of mind

The flexibility of RISO's ComColor GD solutions means that you can grow your business with complete peace of mind, seizing new opportunities without hesitation, because you know you are up to it. And you don’t have to worry about integrating your new machines with your existing equipment, as it is done immediately.