Fiery controller

Add to your GD inkjet printer the ComColorExpress FS2000C, an EFI™ Fiery® server to help improve operation and the management of print jobs, files and media.


The IPDS controller has been developed to incorporate all the latest specifications of IS/3 architecture, published by the AFP Consortium. This enables ComColor GD printers to support:

  • TIFF image containers (single or multi-page), JPEG, GIF
  • IPDS images in FS10, FS11 & FS45 format
  • Bitmap, PostScript, TrueType, TrueType Collection & Open Type fonts
  • Unicode text
  • Input and output tray mixing
  • Colour management based on ICC standards

Embedded Adobe Pdf Print Engine

The IPDS controller can be equipped with the APPE2 engine as an optional extra for processing single or multi-page PDF files incorporated in an IPDS workflow (PDF Containers). PDFs are no longer converted into bitmaps, thus speeding up the processing time.

The APPE2 engine supports PDF transparency.

A clear, efficient graphical user interface

The IPDS controller's touch screen in the ComColor GD solution makes it easier for the operator to use. With template-based settings management, you can programme the tool with just a few touches.