Fiery controller

Add to your GD inkjet printer the ComColorExpress FS2000C, an EFI™ Fiery® server to help improve operation and the management of print jobs, files and media. 

This external Controller is compatible with all the management tools such as Fiery® Command WorkStation® by EFI™. With the ability to manage and edit print jobs and server functions, you can create the perfect environment for your printing activity.

Moreover, benefit from these features :

Fiery SmartRIP

Adobe PDF Print Engine 3.0

Hot folders

Spot on

Variable data printing (VDP) resources

Dynamic tray selection per page

Fiery color profiler suite


Several options are available to meet specific requests. Please check our ComColorExpress FS2000C brochure for more details.

ComColor Express RS1100C

The RS1100C is an external controller that has been developed to expand the ComColor GD possibilities with advanced settings.

Handling queue settings, Hot Folders, divide a job into multiple subsets or color management are some of the features available with the RS1100C.

For more detailed information, please refer to the RS1100C brochure.