Paper management and finishing

Envelope feeder

Combined with a ComColor GD, the RISO DigiFeed envelope feeder enables continuous envelope printing. The RISO DigiFeed has a 500-envelope capacity (machinable DL). It can be refilled at any time, without interrupting the current print run. Save time and manage large print volumes with complete peace of mind.

Perfect Binder

  • Perfect binding
  • Max. book thickness: 30 mm
  • Speed: up to 62 books/hour With a ComColor GD9630
  • Document size: A4/B5/A5
  • Compatible with ComColor GD9630 and ComColor GD7330
  • Examples of materials: guides, on-demand books, etc.

Wrapping Envelope Finisher

  • Speed: up to 2,400 pieces of mail/hour For an A4 simplex document on ComColor GD9630
  • Document size: A4
  • Size of sealed envelopes: 233 mm x 110 mm (form A) / 233 mm x 158 mm (form B)
  • Compatible with ComColor GD9630 or ComColor GD7330
  • Examples of materials: promotional mail, mailshots, invoices, etc.


Get more functions with the scanner Optional, for easy document copying and scanning.

  • Scan speed: 100 pages per minute
  • Copy speed: 70 pages per minute
  • Capacity: 200 sheets

Face down offset stapler

  • Corner or 2-point stapling, maximum 50 A4 sheets
  • Stacking capacity: 1,000 sheets (80 g)
  • Maximum height: 110 mm

High Capacity Stacker

  • Capacity : 4000 sheet (80 gsm)
  • Height up to 440 mm
  • Paper weight: 46-210 gsm
  • Paper size: min. 90 mm x 148 mm / max. 340 mm x 460 mm

High Capacity Feeder

An optional paper feed unit allows for high-volume paper loading. With the high capacity feeder equipped, managing paper supply during large printing jobs is more hassle-free than ever. Comes default compatible with envelope feeding May be incompatible with some varieties of envelopes..

  • Capacity : 4000 sheets (80 gsm)
  • Height up to 440 mm
  • Paper weight: 46-210 gsm
  • Paper size: min. 90 mm x 148mm / max. 340 mm x 465 mm

Multifunction finisher

Use an optional finisher to finish your documents:

  • Max. speed: 120 ppm
  • Stapling: up to 100 pages (85 gsm)
  • Hole-punching (2/4 holes)
  • Offset sorting
  • Book (max. 60 pages)

Stacking tray 1000 sheets and envelopes

  • Production of personalised envelopes, in black & white and/or full colour
  • Flat-bed and cold printing
  • The integrity of the envelope is maintained