A sustainable solution

Consume less energy

RISO machines do not heat up because they use a cold printing process. When you opt for RISO's new ComColor GD series, you are choosing an innovative solution and significantly reducing your energy consumption.

  • Printer ready: 150 W max./Standby: 4 W max./Sleep mode: 0.5 W max.
  • Your ComColor GD printer reduces your energy bill by 70% in comparison with standard machines on the market.
  • When your ComColor GD printer is on standby, it consumes less energy than conventional copiers and printers. To reduce your electricity consumption even further, you can also set the time after which the screen switches to standby mode.
  • With the unequalled speed of your ComColor GD full colour printer, you can manage your tasks in an exceptionally short time. Your machine‚Äôs running time is minimised, and your electricity consumption too!

Work in a healthy environment

RISO's ComColor GD machines are characterised by zero ozone emissions. Their technology limits ambient air pollution and creates a healthy work environment.

To learn more about our environmental commitments, please read the "Sustainable Development" section.