A unique technology

In today's highly competitive production print environment, companies demand solutions that can help give them an edge. Regardless of the type of business, from a transactional print and mailing company to a reprographics department, it is vital they have the right product to maintain that all important competitive edge and increase profitability.

Productivity benefits of RISO technology

White Paper Solution

RISO’s production printers are unique. They enable customers to migrate away from simply highlight colour or mono production to a cut sheet white paper solution. This is a genuine value add as it negates the need to hold large volumes of pre-printed stock and opens up opportunities in the colour print market. RISO also offer a service to assist users with colour matching service to ensure your customers corporate colours are represented accurately.

High Speed Printing

Thanks to their unique print engine, RISO ComColor GD can print up to 160 A4 colour images per minute. Four static in-line inkjet heads are arranged in parallel allowing full colour printing in a single pass. Our oil-based pigment inks ensure instant drying of the images on the page.

Controlled Quality Output

Our inkjet technology guarantees consistent printing results at high speeds thanks to the Piezo system, which controls and regulates the quantity of ink deposited on the paper.

Cost Management

This unique technology carries benefits of a low total cost of ownership, in comparison to toner technology, giving greater control over cost management.

Green Credentials

RISO’s technology releases no carbon monoxide, nitrous oxide or benzene. These air pollutants are often released during the high temperatures used during the fusing process in toner technology. Our technology is the cleaner print solution.

Ergonomics and Reliability

The ComColor production systems are incredibly compact for their productivity levels and can be easily integrated into your working environment. Renowned for their extreme reliability, they can handle monthly volumes of up to 500,000 pages.

Typical applications

  • Transactional (statements, policies, invoices, payroll, etc.)
  • Transpromo (cross selling messages and images on transactional pieces)
  • Direct Mail (Carrier Sheets)
  • Hybrid Mail
  • On-demand low cost colour cut-sheet production
  • Re-print solution for high speed continuous lines (Jetstream/CS series/Versamark/HP-T)
  • Security printing (cheques, PIN, mailers, gift vouchers, tickets, membership cards)
  • Easy high-light colour to full colour migration