Your budget under control

Low risk, low cost production print

If you are looking for a low cost means of producing transactional print with the same look and feel as that produced using a traditional production print machine but with low capital investment and low running costs, then RISO has the solution.

Our ComColor GD will add undisputed value to your business and give an impressive return on investment.

Drive down the cost of cut-sheet production print and increase productivity

RISO’s unique technology brings you high printing speeds, controlled quality output, exceptional reliability and low cost per page. It is an affordable option that enables customers to take advantage of full-colour invoice and statement printing, transpromo applications, and variable data direct mail.

Reduce Your Capital Investment Costs

Printing businesses need to maximise high-volume throughput, be flexible and keep costs down to maintain their competitive edge. A RISO solution can run side-by-side with existing production print devices or help customers take their first step into colour printing. Customers can now enter the market without incurring the high capital investment costs normally associated with production print equipment.

It can cost upwards of 880K€ to purchase an entry level continuous fed device but multiple RISO machines would cost a fraction of that and yet are capable of producing high volume output. This low cost solution enables customers to grow the business at their own pace without the high capital overheads, and free up vital funds to invest elsewhere.