How it works

Wrapping flow : Printing / Folding / Addressing / Enclosing / Sealing

RISO’s Wrapping Envelope Finisher operates using a unique and innovative high-performance system. You can produce up to 2,200 pieces of mail in one hour With a ComColor 9150 X-Jet PRO, A4 simplex.. Your sealed envelopes are ready to be mailed.

Step 1 - Print/Adjust/Fold:

  • Your ComColor X-Jet PRO machine prints your envelope and its insert, which it then sends to the envelope inserter.
  • The inserts are automatically loaded in the lower part of the machine and the envelopes in the upper part.
  • The envelopes are positioned so that the inserts can be inserted correctly.
  • The inserts are moved and then jogged.

Step 2 - Insert/Glue/Seal:

  • Part of the envelope and the insert is folded using the curl of the paper. The envelope encloses the insert.
  • When it comes into contact with the part moistened with water and pressure is applied to the envelope, the postage stamp glue is activated.