Overview of the solution

RISO’s Wrapping Envelope Finisher is a high-speed machine that prints, folds, inserts and seals your mail. The envelope inserter developed by RISO is connected to a printer from the ComColor X-Jet PRO range, giving you a particularly cost-effective solution for processing your mail.

A unique and innovative in-line solution

RISO’s Wrapping Envelope Finisher operates using an ultra-efficient system. It is designed to meet the needs of professionals handling a large amount of mail on a daily basis. When you opt for a RISO Wrapping Envelope Finisher, you are making the right choice:

  • You can produce up to 2,200 pieces of mail in one hour For A4 simplex documents on ComColor 9150 X-Jet PRO. Your sealed envelopes are ready to be mailed.
  • You have 2 folding options: A4 folded in two/A4 folded in three.
  • You can choose between free output of your mail or stacked output (capacity: 100 pieces of mail).
  • You can insert a maximum of 6 x 59 g sheets or 3 x 120 g sheets. You can also print your envelopes without inserting any documents.

Manage your variable data

With RISO’s Wrapping Envelope Finisher With ComColor Express option, it is very easy to print variable data. Your mail is personalised. Your ComColor X-Jet PRO production printer gives you the advantages of colour. The opening rate and impact of your mail are optimised.

Save time and money

If you want to increase efficiency and productivity, RISO’s Wrapping Envelope Finisher is ideal for you. When the water supply tank of your machine is full, you can process 12,000 pieces of mail continuously. The cost of creating your mail is also highly competitive.

Ensure the confidentiality of your mail

RISO’s Wrapping Envelope Finisher ensures your mail is secure. Your envelopes are sealed without users seeing their contents. You can manage your confidential documents (invoices, pay slips, payment notices, etc.) with total peace of mind.