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    A cutsheet production machine that can print up to 320ppm in duplex.

  • Launch of the Perfect Binder

    Launch of the Perfect Binder

    Get an ultra-compact automated binding system.

  • A long-standing commitment

    A long-standing commitment

    Environmental responsibility is firmly rooted in the RISO Group’s essential values.

  • Communicate in colour

    Communicate in colour

    Choose colour for documents with more impact.

  • RISO: cold printing technologies

    RISO: cold printing technologies

    Combine respect for the environment with savings by consuming less.

In this unique situation, RISO FRANCE has taken preventive measures to ensure its employees and partners health security.



With its new ComColor printers, RISO takes innovation ever further and brings you the best performing multifunction printers on the market.

RISO helps print professionals develop their businesses, for ever better performance and responsiveness.

RISO corporate film

Since its foundation, RISO has designed unique printing solutions: simple, fast, cost-effective. In a word, combining all the essential values.

With a 3,600-strong workforce worldwide, the Group distributes its solutions in more than 150 countries, including in the Middle East, and through 26 subsidiaries. RISO FRANCE is in charge of 14 countries in the Middle East.

A long-established designer of digital printing technologies, RISO has developed an inkjet technology that is unique on the market, giving its customers speed, reliability and quality at controlled costs.

RISO Productive Printing