Breaking the Inkjet Barrier

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RISO KAGAKU CORPORATION topples the inkjet acquisition barriers through 6 articles in partnership with American Printer.

Each article focuses on one aspect of our game changing ForcejetTM technology.

With this unique technology, you settle for a smart solution for multiple printing operations.

Indeed, our ComColor GD and T2 production printers easily meet the requests of on-demand, customized or variable data jobs at an affordable price. Our FORCEJETTM technology is now, on the inkjet production printing market, an ideal alternative for color prints, long-runs, short runs or even reprints. The ComColor GD and T2 series are designed to blend straightforwardly in various printers’ environment.

With RISO you opt for productivity, flexibility, reliability, quality and profitability. With the lowest TCO on the inkjet production printing market, our printing solutions provide the best answer.

To learn more about the inkjet technology benefits download the BREAKING THE INKJET BARRIER EBOOK now!