Discover the ComColor GD Perfect Binder

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Category: Corporate

The new RISO printing and binding solution is now launched. Discover the 3-in-1 printing system which combines a ComColor GD engine and a binding unit.

Launched in the Middle East since 1st September 2017, the ComColor GD Perfect Binder is used to quickly print and bind your documents. The GD Perfect Binder is able to print up to 62 100-page books per hour and provides high-professional documents.

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The ComColor GD Perfect Binder is the perfect solution for professionals who are looking for a 3-in-1 system. It can accommodate varying book thicknesses up to 600 pages and handles binding from 1.5mm to 30mm (approx. 15 sheets to 300 sheets).

This new solution is not only reliable, fast and versatile; it is also ultra-compact and thus can easily be integrated to your workplace. If you have any question about it or if you want to attend a demonstration, please contact us