Environmental protection program

Category: Sustainable development

RISO KAGAKU Corporation has established the RISO Environmental Charter and the RISO Environmental Protection Principles as clear statements of the Company’s stance on environmental initiatives.

These declarations serve to guide our companywide environmental protection program.

RISO Environmental Charter

RISO KAGAKU Corporation resolutely acknowledges its membership in the global community, while following a basic philosophy of contributing to society through the development of excellent products.

RISO KAGAKU Corporation endeavors to contribute to global environmental protection in order to bestow a fair and sound environment to coming generations.

RISO Environmental Protection Principles

• Development of environment-friendly products 
When developing and designing products, we create and execute development policies that reduce total environmental burden by considering the influence that respective product life stages have on the environment in the manufacturing, distribution, use, recycling and disposal phases.

Resource and energy saving
We investigate the influence exerted on the environment by our business activities and try to save resources and energy to reduce environmental burdens.

Local environmental protection
We observe local environmental regulations and investigate possible risks of contamination to prevent such occurrence in the case of an emergency, such as leakage.

Global arrangement
We also consider our influence on overseas local communities and environments when operating or exporting products, and we try to respond to the requests of local communities as faithfully as possible.

Continual improvement
We maintain a dynamic organization and system to establish environmental objectives and targets and always work to improve such systems.

Environmental education and information disclosure
We educate our employees and carry out publicity activities appropriately, in accordance with the “RISO Environmental Charter” and the principles detailed above, to help employees deepen their insight on environmental issues. We also disclose information on environmental issues without hesitation and work on further reducing environmental burdens in cooperation with other community members.

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