How healthy is the air you breathe?

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Can you escape from outside air pollution by staying indoors?

Unfortunately, the answer is no.

You probably heard discussions on the news and on social media about atmospheric air pollution. References to the outside air are often made in connection with pollen, fine dust and CO2 pollution. But the health consequences of a poor indoor climate as well as reduced air quality indoors or in offices are skipped. Many believe that the air quality in offices is better and healthier. Unfortunately, these thoughts are incorrect. Various chemical sources pollute closed spaces considerably!

In addition to the CO2 that people exhale, there are also polluting particles from the floor covering, cleaning products, paint and office equipment, among others.

Laser printers and photocopiers are no exception. These printers often produce higher levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and ozone.

It usually goes unnoticed in the short term, but there are serious health implications in the long term that are increasingly coming to light. This includes breathing problems such as irritation of the airways, asthma, headache, but also a decrease in productivity among employees.

Fortunately, by making small adjustments, you can improve the air quality of your workspace, but how?

To begin with, it is of course important to frequently air indoor spaces. Make this a habit, even in winter! This ensures a good supply of oxygen constantly refreshes the room. 

Also consider your office equipment choices! Today there are alternatives for laser / toner printing systems. The RISO environment and people-friendly printing solutions rely on a completely cold printing system! This means that no chemicals are released into the atmosphere. No smell nor heat comes out of the machine!

Unlike toner-based systems, our inkjet printers do not emit ozone. The emission of VOCs is also greatly reduced because inkjet is not powder-based, like toner, but liquid ink. We are proud to say that the emission of VOCs is 7 times less than the minimum Blue Angel Label *requirement!

At RISO we take our responsibility to combat climate change very seriously. Our customers indicate that they are happy with the positive impact that the RISO inkjet printers have on the air quality of their working environment.

Are you also ready for a fresh start? Then contact us soon!

* With the RISO FW5230 printer, the VOCs level is only 1.4 mg / h (black and white print). The minimum requirement of the Blue Angel Label is 10mg / h.