RISO celebrates its 70th anniversary

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The 70th anniversary of RISO KAGAKU marks a new stage in an already successful story.

Energy, passion, implication, listening capacity: important human values forge the RISO's identity. If we are now a reference on the inkjet productive printing market, it is thanks to our teams’ investment and to the trust granted by our customers and partners. In 70 years, we faced a number of challenges by their side.

At RISO, we always chose to be different. This difference requires a perfect control of our technologies but also and especially a global understanding of customers’ issues. We study with them their needs and projects to come to develop high value-added products, allying speed, reliability and versatility at low cost.

Created in 1946, RISO is a family group which differentiates itself from the other manufacturers by its boldness and its visionary spirit. The name "RISO KAGAKU" was not chosen accidentally; it means "ideal technology" in Japanese. Originally ink manufacturer, we know how to develop unique technologies making possible a high speed ecological printing.

Well-known for their ecological assets, our printing solutions do not heat up. They consume a small amount of electricity, have eco-features and do not emit ozone. We invite you to discover, as an example, our ComColor printers, which allows to print at high speed (for both simplex and duplex).

70 years of innovation, and the RISO inkjet story is only beginning. Thanks to those who make this human and technological adventure possible. Long years of innovation are awaiting us because there is no doubt, the future will be inkjet!

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