RISO printers in Iraq and Lebanon

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Category: Events

RISO inkjet printing solutions have been introduced to Iraqi and Lebanese professionals in Beirut last week.

Printers, hospitals, schools, ministries… many professionals came to discover the new RISO ComColor series. They were welcomed by RISO Middle East team and our local distributors, during 3 days of conferences and demonstrations. Our latest products were displayed:

• The ComColor GD9630, the world’s fastest full-colour cut sheet inkjet printer which delivers prints at speeds up to 160 pages per minute.
• The ComColor FW5230, a very compact and versatile high-speed printer which offers a 120 pages per minute productivity.
• The ComColor Perfect Binder, an in-line book producing solution with unrivalled output speed.

Are you also looking for an ultra-fast, easy-to-use, flexible, cost-efficient, reliable and eco-friendly printing system? We surely have the perfect solution for you!