RISO successfully passed BLI's tests

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RISO ComColor FW5230 and SF5030 successfully passed a test conducted by Buyers Laboratory LLC (BLI).

BLI is the world's leading independent provider of analytical information and testing services for the document management industry. It tested the RISO ComColor FW5230 professional printer and SF5030 digital duplicator in an environmentally controlled lab, which replicates typical office conditions.

ComColor FW5230: certified as a high reliable product by BLI

RISO ComColor FW5230 completed a 1.000.000 impression durability test with just 5 misfeeds only. This result proves that the printer is 99,999% reliable. With its superb reliability and productivity performance, BLI believes the RISO ComColor FW5230 printer is a good choice for in-house corporate print rooms as well as high-volume educational and non-profit organisations looking for faster output.

SF5030: winner of the “Outstanding digital duplicator” award by BLI

The SF5030 duplicator also was tested by BLI. On 500.000 pages printed, 0 paper jam happened, which means that the duplicator is 100% reliable. Print speed, ease of use, ease of maintenance, possibility to program energy savings… the SF5030 is an ideal solution for a wide range of print jobs.