Risography an acknowledged art form

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RISO duplicators also called risograf is a big success in the art world.

For many people, the Risograph (the digital duplicator from RISO) is a printing system that was used in schools and churches in the past. This is because the machines were able to print high runs of a file at lightning speed for a minimal price! Many of the old users of this technology have now switched to our cold inkjet printing systems.

However, new enthusiastic Risograph users from the art market have breathed new life into this nostalgic technique.  

Because of these interesting developments and the worldwide growing interest in duplicator technology, RISO Kagaku Corporation has decided to create a landing page to function as a true RISO art platform for this creative segment. Through this webpage you can read back testimonials, watch videos and find out exactly what RISO art entails and which artists are working on this worldwide!

And every two years, you can attend an international RISO art event  called Magical RISO, organized by RISO Benelux. The host and co-organizer of this event is the Jan Van Eyck Academy in Maastricht! There have already been 3 editions and the next one is already planned for the end of 2020. You can watch a video of Magical RISO 2019 here.

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