VALEZUS: a new brand for production-printing

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Discover VALEZUS, a new brand dedicated to the production printing market.

The first product, the VALEZUS T2100 is a high-speed full-color cut-sheet inkjet printer. By connecting printer engines to print the front and back-side respectively, the VALEZUS T2100 achieves a blazing-fast double-sided printing speed of 320ppm. The VALEZUS T2100 offers a compact footprint for a production printer as well as superior ease of use and maintenance.

With these features, the VALEZUS T2100 increases productivity and dramatically improves work efficiency in high-volume printing.

This device’s productivity is worth the offset speed with the advantages of a cut-sheet inkjet printer.
In high-volume printing applications, such as transactional printing at print service providers, in-house printing at financial institutions, insurance companies and government offices, the VALEZUS T2100 opens a world of new possibilities in cut-sheet printing.

More than high-speed printing, thanks to the inkjet technology used by the VALEZUS T2100 you get a highly competitive cost of ownership and limited/low impact. Conceived with a cold printing engine, it doesn’t emit any volatile organic compounds and doesn’t require any specific space adjustment.

The VALEZUS T2100, intended for the production printing market, is a way to print specific workflows disregarded by traditional printers.

For more information about the VALEZUS T2100 visit the dedicated page or contact us.