Which paper to use?

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The volume of digital printouts is in continuous growth, even though offset is still expected to account for about 70% of the world printing production in 2022.

The paper market for digital printing should naturally follow this trend. 

In order to keep pace with the market, paper manufacturers are constantly improving their range of papers by seeking quality, optimising their production methods or easing paper recycling. Paper innovation aims to improve surface quality and more specifically to maximise the ink adhesion over time. Overall, the goal is to better respond to problems occurring with the different printing mechanisms.

For example, to meet the constraints of laser technology, it is essential to work on the paper’s heat resistance in order to limit its deformation and therefore jams during printing and during postproduction. With a cold printing solution, such as inkjet technology, the paper does not alter, which ensures reliability.

Our FORCEJETTM technology, a cold printing system, is therefore ideal for printing media such as window envelopes or carbonless paper both very sensitive to heat. 
Also, the specificity of our oil-based inks and not water-based makes it possible to preserve the initial state of the paper. It does not wave when printing although it implies the use of a non-glossy paper to ensure good ink penetration into the paper.

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