RISO partner of COP21

A leading light in environmental responsibility on the printing market, RISO FRANCE is an official partner of COP21.

What is COP21?

COP21 is the 21st edition of the World conference organized by the United Nations each year since 1995. A real symbol of enhanced worldwide awareness concerning the environment, it recognizes the existence of human-induced climate change and enjoins all the parties to face up to it. COP21 was held in Paris from 30 November to 11 December 2015.

RISO FRANCE, a partner of COP21: when performance becomes sustainable

Strengthened by its commitment to sustainable development, RISO FRANCE has been selected as a partner of COP21 to provide the equipment for the conference's copy centre.

It is above all for their cold printing technology that the RISO production solutions attracted the organizers' attention for Paris 2015. Thanks to the productivity and reliability of the RISO solutions, millions of copies were made over long hours during the 12 days of the conference.

The COP21 copy centre was equipped with 8 RISO ComColor X-Jet printers, placed at the disposal of the organizers and participants. A RISO technical team also was present throughout the event.

This means that the different treaties and agreements signed by the key decision-makers worldwide, together with the preparatory documents for the various committees, have been printed on environmentally-friendly RISO equipment.

A citizen Company committed to protecting the climate, RISO shows its commitment and provides its backing for the United Nations Secretariat General in the form of corporate sponsorship.

Companies contribute to global warming, directly or indirectly. It is their duty to help to preserve the planet and ensure that their activities are not harmful for future generations. RISO assumes that responsibility.

> View the video of our partnership with the COP21

Ecological technology

Every year, RISO sets great store by innovation, to progress at technical and ecological levels alike. From product design to final use, the Company takes an overall approach: ecological production, cutting energy costs, recycling machines and consumables, etc.

The innovative FORCEJETTM technology, a unique cold printing process, makes RISO the market reference for responsible printing.

The RISO inkjet technology provides high printing speeds, while remaining free of ozone emissions and reducing the electricity consumption of the equipment. This gives its solutions a small carbon footprint and makes them beneficial for users and their environment!