Our commitment

It is essential to be committed

Driven by a deep-rooted conviction, the Group has been committed to sustainable development since it was established in 1946. For our Research & Development teams, creating uncompromisingly eco-friendly products is a must. That is why we design and produce printing solutions that are truly environmentally-friendly.

Since the early 1990s, the RISO KAGAKU Corporation has had a committee and then a department devoted to environmental protection issues.

In 1998, the RISO KAGAKU Corporation published its environmental charter, entitled "RISO Environmental Charter".

Every year, we also publish a report on the company’s concerns in terms of sustainable development. This document presents our environmental approach and the steps we take on a daily basis to reduce our environmental footprint.

RISO's approach

Even before our products are made, we ensure that our machines are designed in an environmentally-friendly way. Offering an eco-range is essential for our future and that of our children. When we design our products, we look further ahead and consider their distribution, use and recycling.

Natural resources are finite and we are aware of this. We use renewable or recycled materials to make the best use of existing raw materials. We also minimise our consumption of natural resources and that of our machines. RISO adheres to these environmental principles on a daily basis and long-term.

Because every action is important, we ensure all our employees are aware of this environmental issue. We set ourselves targets and comply with the applicable environmental regulations.

To keep these values alive and ensure we don't lose sight of the essentials, we don’t take anything for granted, believing that continuous improvement will always be necessary.