Standards and eco-labels


EZ, RZ, MZ, ME, SE, ComColor, ComColor X-Jet, ComColor FW and ComColor GD printing solutions commercialised in the Middle-East comply with the International Energy Star Program.

Energy Star Program sets standards in terms of the power consumption of office machines in each of the operation, sleep and off modes, and it certifies only those machines ranked among the top 25% of all entries. Products that meet these standards are allowed to display the International Energy Star Program logo.

Blue Angel

Created in 1977, the German label Blue Angel is the oldest warranty for products environmentally friendly. Controlled by an independent organisation, it is considered as one of the most reliable and most demanding eco-labels.

The ComColor FW series is Blue Angel certified


EPEAT stands for the Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool, which is the definitive global rating system for greener electronics. It ranks products on 51 specific criteria, to help identify greener imaging equipment and other electronics devices. 

The ComColor FW and GD printers are EPEAT Silver registered in the United States.

Eco Mark

To promote environment-friendly lifestyles through wise product choice, the Japan Environment Association (JEA) manages the Eco Mark Program aimed at certifying and spreading eco-friendly products.

The ORPHIS GD and FW series, equivalent in Japan of the ComColor GD and FW series, are Eco Mark certified


Ink particles are deinkable when they are hydrophobic but most of inkjet technologies are not. RISO is an exception because ComColor ink is oil-based.

A test made in France by an independent Paper Research & Technical Centre showed positive
deinkability results for RISO ComColor GD9630 and ComColor FW5230 printers.

ISO 9001 AND 14001

The RISO KAGAKU company, its Head Office, R&D division, intellectual property department and its plants in Japan and China comply with the requirements of ISO 9001 and 14001.

The ISO 9001 standard concerns quality management within the company. ISO 14001 is based on the principle of continuous improvement of environmental performance by controlling the impact of the company’s activities. It also covers environmental management.

ISO 11798

Aware of the importance of document durability for its customers, RISO makes every effort to ensure that its printing meets the requirements of ISO 11798. Its ComColor FW and ComColor GD black inks are therefore ISO 11798 certified for Appearance and  Effects of recording on the mechanical strength of the paper.

ISO 11798 requires permanence and durability of writing, printing and copying on the archival documents of local authorities.

Resistance to water, wear and heat are among the required criteria for ISO 11798 certification. With RISO’s certified inks, you can therefore print your legal documents confident in the knowledge that they will not deteriorate.