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A unique technology to meet the market’s needs

Inkjet offers a truly transformative opportunity to meet the needs that cannot be satisfied by offset and laser technologies. With the VALEZUS T2100, combine the economy of inkjet printing and the flexibility of a digital press in order to produce very high volumes of variable content at a low cost.

RISO’s production inkjet solution

In 2015, RISO became the first manufacturer to opt for the high-performance page-by-page inkjet by developing the FORCEJET™ technology

Develop the use of colour in your applications

The VALEZUS T2100 allows you to switch part of your monochrome production to full colour production on order to add value to your documents and improve your return on investment. It is ideal for the following applications: transactional reports, personalised mailings, books, manuals, training materials, company documents, etc.

Combine performance and eco-responsibility

The VALEZUS T2100 production printer consumes less energy than conventional printers and digital presses. While guaranteeing high print speeds, the cold printing technology developed by RISO also permits a great reduction in the energy requirements of the systems. Unlike toner-based laser equipment, the VALEZUS T2100 does not emit any ozone into the workspace. The ambient air is not polluted and everyone can work in comfort.


Unparalleled productivity

The VALEZUS T2100 allows you to achieve productivity levels characteristic of offset printing while retaining the versatility of a cutsheet inkjet printer. You can print up to 19,200 A4 pages per hour in duplex mode and in colour.

Costs under control

The inkjet technology developed by RISO allows you to expand your colour portfolio while still ensuring exceptionally competitive operating costs. The storage cost are reduced compared to offset pre-printed stock.

High level of autonomy

Accessory solutions making it possible to double the capacity are available in order to maximise autonomy. The VALEZUS T2100 can feed up to 9,500 sheets and stack up to 8,000.

Unparalleled reliability

The FORCEJET™ inkjet technology guarantees an optimum availability rate, the paper is not exposed to any heat source, eliminating curling and reducing the risk of incidents relating to the paper path.

Accessories & controllers

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