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ComColor Office Printers

ComColor FT5230

Fully autonomous black-and-white and colour printing

Step up a gear thanks to our ComColor FT5230 professional printer. Ideal for printing your documents in black-and-white and in colour, this solution makes it possible to combine versatility and high performance.

RISO’s production inkjet solution

In 2015, RISO became the first manufacturer to opt for the high-performance page-by-page inkjet by developing the FORCEJET™ technology.

The functionalities and simplicity of a photocopier

Anyone can use the ComColor FT5230. You print at a single click and can personalise the interface of your hardware without difficulty. No special technical expertise is required.

Combine performance and eco-responsibility

As far as respect for the environment is concerned, the ComColor FT stands out as a reference on the market. While guaranteeing high print speeds, the FORCEJET™ technology also makes it possible to greatly reduce the hardware’s electricity consumption and guarantee a healthy working environment.

The advantages

High performance

The fact that the paper passes horizontally below the print heads leads to high printing speeds with minimised offset. You can handle up to 120 pages per minute and benefit from a record availability rate.

Unequalled reliability

With the FORCEJET™ inkjet technology, the paper is not exposed to any heat source, eliminating curling and considerably reducing the risk of incidents relating to the paper path.


Thanks to the optional 2000-sheet feeder, your capacity is maximised up to 4000 sheets with the front feed trays! Compact and easy to use, the ComColor FT5430 allows you to reduce the amount of work you subcontract. This saves you time and money.


The ComColor FT5230 professional printer is modular thanks to the various accessories available and allows you to diversify the media you produce: administrative documents, reports, presentations, booklets, flyers, posters, letterheads, invoices, payslips, envelopes, etc.

Accessories & controllers

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