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RISO’s technology

Duplicator technology

RISO’s historical printing process – the duplicator technology – is ideal for anyone who wants to print or copy series of documents in black-and-white and colour at very high speeds. The higher your volumes, the lower the cost per page!


Duplicator technology stands out through its exceptional reliability. Comprising one or more ink drums and operating using masters, RISO’s duplicators enable you to print or copy series of identical documents.

To create an image, your duplicator receives the data sent from a computer or from a paper original. A master is created by scanning your data. When the master wraps around the drum of your RISO duplicator, it is perforated so that ink is only transferred onto the required areas.

Thanks to its print drum, a RISO duplicator can print up to 190 pages per minute, thereby achieving far better performances than are available with most conventional printing technologies.

RISO’s duplicators do not use toner. They do not need any heat source to fuse the ink to the paper. The equipment is ready for operation the moment you switch it on.

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Pros & benefits

  • High-speed printing
  • Reliable and robust
  • A decreasing cost per page
  • Committed to the environment


The technology underpinning our duplicators consists in a cold printing process using vegetable-based ink manufactured from rice bran. RISO’s printing solutions also consume less energy than traditional digital copiers and do not release any noxious emissions into the ambient air. In addition to benefiting from high-speed printing, you also respect the environment. Which is healthy for users… and for the planet!

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