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YOUR SOLUTIONS for printing variable data

Publishing service providers, banks, insurance companies, mutual insurance funds, government organisations, etc. You need high-performance equipment that ensures data security in order to manage the printing of your variable data documents. RISO offers you a solution which can be incorporated ideally in the transactional printing flow for invoices, bank account statements, insurance policies, etc.

In a constantly changing market it is not always easy to know what the future holds, you must control your investments and adapt your organisation. With RISO’s printing solutions, you are choosing an investment that involves no excessive risk and which clears your path to new solutions for years to come.

WHAT counts for you…

In your everyday work, you are confronted by numerous challenges:

  • Keeping to your delivery times whatever the circumstances
  • Guaranteeing data security
  • Ensuring long-term production while diversifying your portfolio
  • Providing a healthy working environment for your coworkers
  • Using environmentally responsible solutions

Discover our production printers

The Riso Wrapping Envelope Finisher allows us to handle variable data, for example in the form of customer logos. It guarantees perfect insertion results. We do not touch the original document at all; the address is captured automatically and printed in standardised form on the envelope.
Frédéric Lanciaux , CEO of OptiMail Solutions


  • Speed!

    Print up to 320 pages per minute. A ComColor or VALEZUS production printer is the perfect addition to your machine pool, enabling you to handle mid- or high-volume flows with a high-availability IPDS solution.

  • Reliability!

    Your activity means that your printers need to be up and running all day long. And that’s not a problem: with RISO’s printing hardware, paper jams are a thing of the past. They have an availability rate of almost 100%!

  • Efficiency!

    The reproduction quality of RISO’s page-by-page printers is fully aligned with that of reel-to-reel inkjet printers. They are therefore the perfect back-up solution when resuming an interrupted job!

  • Cost effectiveness!

    Thanks to the manageable costs and the small footprint of our printing hardware, there is no reason not to broaden your portfolio! RISO’s printers guarantee an optimum price/productivity ratio even for short print runs.


Choosing a RISO inkjet printer means opting for a cold printing process that consumes less energy and does not emit any ozone or fine particles for your users to inhale.

Renowned for its environmental benefits which are unique on the market, our FORCEJET™ technology was chosen by the organisers of COP21 and COP22…

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