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RISO’s technology

RISO’s inkjet technology

Leading the way in inkjet technology used for page-by-page production printers, RISO is streets ahead in the high-productivity digital inkjet printing market. Discover the strengths of the FORCEJET™ printing process used in the ComColor and VALEZUS solutions.


The FORCEJET™ inkjet technology makes use of wide colour print heads arranged in parallel. They print up to A3+ format in a single pass. This unique printing process, combined with a fast, stable paper feed, makes it possible to achieve a speed of 160 pages per minute on the ComColor printers and 320 pages per minute on the VALEZUS T2100. The system implements a horizontal paper path below the print heads, thereby making possible the high speeds which constantly boost productivity.

In addition, RISO’s printing solutions contain fewer parts than traditional printers, copiers and photocopiers. As a result, the number of technical operations required is greatly reduced. The availability level of RISO’s inkjet solutions reaches as much as 99%.

And if you have always thought that the cost of colour printing is too high then you will see that with the FORCEJET™ technology and its exceptionally low print costs there is no need to forego the impact that colour makes!

The FORCEJET™ technology is perfectly suited to the needs of professionals who are looking for an affordable colour solution that is productive, reliable and cost-effective.

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Pros & benefits

  • Exceptionally high print speed
  • Reduced frequency of technical operations
  • Control of costs
  • Respect for the environment


The FORCEJET™ technology consists in the use of a cold printing process. In addition to boosting your performance, you also help protect the environment.
RISO’s printing solutions consume less energy, emit no ozone and do not pollute the ambient air.

In other words, they are healthy for users… and for the planet!

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