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YOUR PRINTING SOLUTIONS for multipurpose production

Print shop, reprographics service, agency or integrated reprographics shop, etc. As a professional working in the print industry, you know better than anyone that the hardware is one of the keys to outstanding performance.

RISO offers you an alternative to conventional offset equipment or digital laser presses in order to keep your margins high, allow you to work more cost-effectively and diversify your service portfolio.

WHAT matters to you…

In your everyday work, you are confronted by numerous challenges:

  • Boosting productivity
  • Improving cost-effectiveness
  • Diversifying your activities: printing envelopes or carbonless copy paper, automatic in-line binding, etc.
  • Guaranteeing a healthy working environment for your teams
  • Using environmentally responsible solutions

Discover our production printers

This new equipment allows us to handle ever greater print volumes while simultaneously optimising the print quality thanks to ever more sophisticated colour management.
M. Mateos, Director of ICS Versailles


  • Speed!

    Print up to 320 pages per minute. Add a ComColor or VALEZUS production printer to your machine pool in order to respond even faster to your customers’ requests.

  • Reliability!

    Your activity means that your printers need to be up and running all day long. And that’s not a problem: with RISO’s printing hardware, paper jams are a thing of the past. They have an availability rate of almost 100%!

  • Versatility!

    Thanks to RISO’s printing systems and their optional accessories, you are able to produce a very wide range of printed media with applications, for example, for carbonless copy paper, letterheads or envelopes. An excellent way to enlarge your service portfolio in order to respond to all requirements.

  • Savings!

    In both the black-and-white and colour segments, our solutions offer one of the lowest costs per page in the digital printing equipment market. Migrate from monochrome production to full-colour printing with reproduction quality equivalent to that of offset printing but without having to worry about the budget.


Choosing a RISO inkjet printer means opting for a cold printing process that consumes less energy and does not emit any ozone or fine particles for your users to inhale.

Renowned for its environmental benefits which are unique on the market, our FORCEJET™ technology was chosen by the organisers of COP21 and COP22…

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