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Do you love images, paper and the printed object? Then Risographism is for you. This art form is based on the use of RISO duplicators, i.e. printing equipment which also goes by the name of Risographs.

Widely used in the graphic arts sector, RISO’s duplicators make it possible to create art works by superimposing different colours. This technique responds to a need expressed by artists: that of regaining simplicity through the mastery of traditional methods.


In their everyday work, the various printer users in your organisation have many different needs:

  • Printing large quantities at a low cost
  • Obtaining a unique type of output which is not possible with any other technology
  • Giving free expression to their artistic talent by manually configuring the equipment
  • Enjoying a healthy working environment
  • Print without polluting the planet

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Graphic artists are the people who invent ways of communicating and conceive today’s printed objects, and the duplicator is incredibly modern in the creative use one can make of it.
Vincent Tuset-Anrès, Co-director of Fotokino


  • Unique output!

    More than printing and duplicating devices, RISO’s duplicators have become veritable creative tools which make it possible to produce striking graphic effects. Give free rein to your creativity thanks to the wide range of colours available!

  • Manual configuration!

    Thanks to the ease of use of the equipment, artists quickly become familiar with it and make use of the tool to create works in their own styles.

  • Savings!

    With a RISO duplicator, you are choosing an ultra-fast device that allows you to achieve real economies of scale. The cost per page decreases as the print quantity based on one and the same matrix increases.


Choosing a RISO duplicator means opting for a cold printing process that does not emit any ozone or fine particles for your users to inhale. What is more, on average this technology consumes 5 times less energy than Black & White photocopiers*.

*Comparison made with a 1500 W Black & White photocopier

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